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ProAcquire is a image acquisition software for PSP and TSP measurements.  ProAcquire is compatible with PSP-CCD series cameras.  Cameras, LEDs, pulse generators and lens controllers can be controlled from multiple viewing angles over a local network.  The standard version of ProAcquire operates with ISSI cameras, lamps, lens controllers, and pulse generators.  

ProAcquire enables three separate operating modes of the camera: 1.) Radiometric acquisition (also referred to as "intensity mode"), 2.) Lifetime Accumulation mode and 3.) Single-Shot Lifetime acquisition.

Radiometric Acquisition:


Radiometric mode refers to the mode of operation where images are acquired in individual frames and stored for post-processing.  In this mode, images are taken at a reference condition (wind-off) and then at a loaded condition (wind-on).  Then the ratio of those images is done to compute the intensity ratio which is then converted to a useable quantity via a calibration.  Using this wind-on wind-off ratio, the response of the system can be modeled using a modification of the Stern-Volmer equation.  Binary PSP is a type of radiometric acquisition mode.

Single-Shot Lifetime Acquisition:

2-gate lifetime

The PSP-CCD is a gated camera.  Double framing mode uses the camera as a gated camera, splitting the acquired image into two gates with a very small time division (200-ns) between them.   This acquisition technique is referred to as Single-Shot Lifetimemode because the wind-on and wind-off images are both acquired in a single camera frame that is gated. The two-gate approach allows the gates of the image to be acquired at different delay times during and after the excitation pulse from a laser which is used in this technique.  Since the excited state of the paint has minimal pressure sensitivity, Gate 1 is used as a reference condition (wind-off).  The decay of the paint has pressure sensitivity, making Gate 2 the pressure sensitive gate.  This technique is used for rotating machinery application to acquire instantaneous pressure measurements on moving surfaces.

Lifetime Accumulation Acquisition:


Frame accumulation mode is a lifetime acquisition mode without the need for a laser.  Lasers are costly and LEDs offer a much cheaper alternative.  The frame accumulation mode uses the accumulated pulses of an overdriven LED light source to produce its individual camera gates.  The frame accumulation mode creates two gates by shifting the delay relative to the excitation pulse of a pulsed LED.  Gate 1 is integrated over the excitation pulse of and LED.  Gate 2 is shifted and integrated over the decay of the fluorescence which contains the response of the PSP.  By taking the ratio of the signal from the two gates, illumination intensity is removed and the resulting intensity ratio is sensitive to pressure.  The gates are positioned to optimize the pressure sensitivity while maintaining a good signal-to-noise ratio.  The Gate 1 / Gate 2 ratio is calculated and then, the image is then converted to pressure by use of a calibration.  The advantage to this technique is near real-time data processing.  The off-condition is acquired during wind-on and with lower temperature sensitivity than radiometric mode using single-luminophore PSPs.


ProAcquire User Interface



ProAcquire Multi-Camera Acquisition


Data taken in ProAcquire is stored as a 12- or 14-bit .TIFF file which can be opened by either ProImage, OMS-Lite, ImageJ or Matlab.  For a detailed explanation of the features of ProAcquire, please see the user manual.


ProAcquire Datasheet.pdf

ProAcquire Instruction Manual.pdf

Software: ProAcquire v2.5.3 x64.exe

                    ProAcquire v2.5.3 x86.exe

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