3-inch Vortex-Cooled LEDLM3X-XXX

Product ID: LM3X-XXX, DC3X

The LM3X is a high-power, air-cooled, rack-mountable, 3-inch LED light source that provides uniform, stable illumination for pressure and Temperature Sensitive paint measurements.  The vortex-cooled LED system is designed for PSP systems in large test facilities or Fast PSP systems where a significant increase in power is needed due to the small camera exposure times.

The unit offers a significant increase in power over the previous generation products (~3 times that of a single water-cooled LED).  Its small form factor and large optical power density make it a class leading solution for large scale testing and installations.  The LM3X has been designed to operate safely in a pulsed or continuous DC operation.  It requires no external chiller, only standard shop air for operation.

Ordering information: LM3X-XXX (LED head, –XXX denotes wavelength).  DC3X (Overdriven control box and driver with power supply).  UM3X-10 (10-ft) umbilical control and cooling cable.  


Continuous 3-inch Vortex-Cooled LED Datasheet.pdf

                                                         DC3X                        LM3X_Rear

DC3X Control Box (left), LM3X-XXX LED head with air an electrical fittings shown (right)

The DC3X control box can operate and cool two LM3X LED modules via umbilical which deliver power and cooled air.  The control box is rack mountable with the included rack ears.

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