Scientific CCD Camera

(Product ID: PSP-CCD-C, PSP-CCD-M)


The PSP-CCD is a 2-megapixel CCD camera.   The camera is small and lightweight at 210g allowing for an array of cameras to be mounted in a tight place for larger scale models and applications.  Communication with the PSP-CCD is via Gigabit Ethernet.  The camera comes in two styles, one with a color array and one with a monochrome array.  The color camera is used in Binary PSP and particle shadow velocimetry applications whereas the monochrome version is used in monochrome PSP or S3F applications. 



Datasheet: PDF  ~0.3MB

Manual: Operation Manual  ~2.4MB

Windows 64-bit User Interface: ProAcquire_2.5.3_GigE_x64.exe   ~49MB

Windows 32-bit User Interface: ProAcquire_2.5.3_GigE_x86.exe   ~35MB


Binary pressure sensitive paint data is acquired using a CCD color array (PSP-CCD-C). Rather than use optical filters in front of the camera lens, the filtering is applied on the chip using a Bayer filter.  The Bayer filter separates the two spectrally different signals from the Binary pressure sensitive paint.


Quantum Efficiency of Color Array in PSP-CCD-C with Bayer Filter

The PSP-CCD features an easy-to-use interface (ProAcquire) for both the color and monochrome platforms.  This interface, known as ProAcquire, integrates all of the necessary controls into a streamlined interface.  


User Interface Home Screen

ProAcquire also features what is known as "multi-camera" mode.  This optional add-on to ProAccuire is used to control mutliple cameras over the local network via a single user interface.  For applications where the acquisition from multiple cameras needs to be seamlessly synchronized, the multi-camera software add-on is a must.  


Multi-Camera Interface

This interface also ties together multi-system control of pulse delay generators (PSG-3) and lens controllers (LC-1 or LC-2) on the network.  A single operator can control the entire data acquisition sytstem from one screen.

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