Accuracy of PSP 

Applications of PSP to Testing at Low Flow Speeds

Binary PSP Deformation
Multi-Component PDV
Pressure and Temperature in Turbine
Temperature Compensation for Lifetime PSP
New Method for Surface Pressure
PSP Blended Wing
Point Doppler Velocimeter
Inclined Jet Impingement


Binary Pressure-Sensitive Paint
Crafton Thesis_rev6
Fast PSP Review
Image Processing for Shear Stress
Optical Pressure and Skin Friction MST
Particle Shadow Velocity AIAA
Pressure and Temperature Sensitive Paint
Pressure Shear Plasma
Pressure-Sensitive Paint
Simultanious Pressure and Deformation
Surface Pressure and Shear using Elastic Polymer
TarunDhall_Film Cooling
Temperature Compensation in Time Resolved PSP
Temperature-Sensitive Paint

Transverse Jet Impingment Fast PSP

AEDC Research on C-5M airframe using PSP