At ISSI we have an in-house machine shop for fabrication of ISSI hardware. We also have the machining capacity and capability to take on part requests from outside companies. We have a shop team with over 50 years of experience and 3D modeling software to take parts from concept to reality.

Our shop equipment includes:

Two Hurco 4-axis CNC Mills.  Our VM10 4-axis mill has a 26”x16”x20” envelope that allows for quick turnaround of larger part orders. With a 15 hp spindle motor that can run at 10,000 rpm, it cuts down machining time greatly.

vm10                  vm20

  4-axis Hurco VM10 CNC Mill                                                                                                                                              4-axis Hurco VM20 CNC Mill


Proto Trak Lathe

CNC SMX                            bridgeport

3-axis Bridgeport Mill with Proto Trak CNC                                                                                                                               3-axis Bridgeport Mill

We manufacture many of our test models in our shop.  We have done maufacturing of components for customers for which we are performing tests.  We also manufacture most of the hardware we sell, such as our LED housings and camera bodies.  Some of examples of our work includes, but is not limited to:

NACA 0012 Wing

NACA 0012 wing model made for wind tunnel testing

delta wing

Small delta wing for wind tunnel testing


Jet made for a jet impingement experiment

Nozzle for jet

A nozzle made for the impingement jet

We also manufacture and assemble components for larger scale sytems.  Some of these systems are included below.

S3F Imaging

Image acquisition system for hydrodynamic applications


For information on machining work from ISSI or to request a quote, please contact: