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Innovative Scientific Solutions, Inc.                           

Founded in 1995, Innovative Scientific Solutions Incorporated (ISSI) is an engineering research and development company providing innovative measurement and instrumentation solutions in the areas of Fluid Dynamics, Aerodynamics, Combustion Analysis, Pressure Sensitive PaintTemperature Sensitive PaintShear Stress Sensors, high-power LEDstiming and control devices and lens control devices.  ISSI supports DoD, NASA, National Institutes of Health (NIH), and other federal customers, as well as U.S. industry and academic laboratories.  We work with government and industry laboratories in Europe, Asia, and South America, as well as academic organizations worldwide.

news ISSI News

  • 10.19.18 - ISSI was recently featured in Vision Systems Design in a publication on lens control and integration.
  • 08.23.18 - ISSI participated in the 20th Annual Sport Biomechanical Academic Exchange Conference in Lanzhou, China, demonstrating our FootSTEPS Gait Analysis System.
 Sport Biomechanics  Sport Biomechanics
  • 07.23.18 - Our new vortex-cooled LEDs are now available!  For large wind tunnels or Fast PSP testing, these LEDs deliver the power.
  • 02.14.17 - New publication on ISSIs upcoming new product, an elastomeric force balance for evaluation of drag reduction in wind tunnel models.
  • 02.14.17 - New publication using Fast PSP to evaluate flow-control in a cavity.
  • 02.02.17 - USA Today story on our Unsteady Pressure Sensitive Paint being used at NASA Ames Research Center on the SLS rocket.
  • 12.22.16Wind Tunnel Testing Underway for Next, More Powerful Version of NASA's Space Launch System

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  • Pressure and Temperature Sensitive Paint Systems
  • Surface Stress Sensors
  • On-site testing services
  • Lens Control Systems
  • Pulse Delay Generators

 NASA Rotorcraft                                                  ARA Transonic Test

AEDC F-22 Cavity Test                                                    FootSTEPS Foot Data

Top (left) NASA Langley Rotorcraft test on blade tip pressure measurements, (right) Transonic wind tunnel test of aircraft wing at Aircraft Research Association

Bottom (left) AEDC 16T Fast PSP cavity test on F-22 model, (right) FootSTEPS Surface Stress sensor data on a human foot showing pressure distribution


We help our customers achieve high spatial resolution images of surface pressures and temperatures using pressure and temperature sensitive paint systems.  We perform on-site testing for skin friction measurement, and also sell and support systems for fluid velocity measurements.  Our products and expertise allow us to solve many complex problems where conventional methods fall short.  Give us a problem and we will develop your solution.

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